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As part of the "Hamburger Kultursommer 2021", the vibrational network has initiated, curated and carried out 13 music and art events with over 100 artists involved. Over five weekends, interdisciplinary event formats were realized that broke with the routines and expectations of the recipients and brought together different music and art scenes and audiences. The mini-festival took place at the Künstlerhaus Faktor, right next to the infamous Sternbrücke in Hamburg and gained recognition especially due to the unusual event formula:

For example the vibrational network combined experimental electronic music, Hamburg indie bands and Azerbaijani folklore on a single day, while an avant-garde audio-visual performance was shown in the gallery space.

Such cross-genre, rather unusual combinations of musicians and artists confronted our audiences with new patterns of reception, allowing them to drop their expectations and engage with unusual event concepts. Moments arise that are often missing due to norms and routines in classical cultural offerings: People with different preferences meet on the deepest common level - that of vibrations. The festival was funded by "Stadtkultur Hamburg".

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