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Live-Streaming from the ballroom of Kraftwerk Bille, Hamburg’s former coal power plant. WITH: Ingrid Hoelzl: clarinet, voice, performance // Georgia Ch. Hoppe: reeds, mini-electronics // Emese Kovács: dance, voice, performance // Marcia Lemke-Kern: soprano, viola, performance // Frantz Loriot: viola, voice, performance Composition: Georgia Ch. Hoppe // Dramaturgical advice, text, camera: Remi Marie // Artistic direction, research, libretto: Ingrid Hoelzl //Technical direction: Sascha Hahnrath // Scientific advice: Sebastian Dutreuil/Sebastien Klotz // Intern: Fiona Eden.

Original excerpt: „Are we at the peak of humanity, in terms of demography, resources, and the habitablity of planet Earth? Are we already beyond? Will we simply go extinct or can we survive in radically changing gears? PEAK HUMANITY counters the modern mantra of the “survival of the fittest”, projected from society onto nature and back onto society (and of which today’s geoengineering phantasies are but a variant) with a “survival of the best related” (Morizot) that has been practiced intra- and inter species ever since. With recourse to the octatonic scale as a musical “peak of humanity” five performers will gather in the former ballroom of Hamburg’s industrial vestige Kraftwerk Bille, a 1901 coal power plant. Using voice, instruments, and movement they will grope their way towards resonance as resilience: A journey that leads us from Apocalypso; The Abyss of Time; Extinction Blues to Mutant Mambo and Cosmic Fragility. PEAK HUMANITY is the fourth project of General Humanity, a collective for theory-performance founded in 2018 in Budapest, stationed 2019 in Zurich and since 2020 based in Hamburg. General Humanity means the integration of humans in the ecological community. Previous projects: ANIMAL ANCESTOR (2020) and POSTIMAGE OPERAAAHHH!!! (2019).“

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