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With the "affected soundscape" the vibrational network invited to an interactive sound installation at the Künstlerhaus Faktor in Hamburg: Let coincidence run wild and be part of a morphing soundscape! With the use of interactive components the viewers themselves participated in the shaping of the (affected) soundscape. Voices and movements put sound and space into new relations and showed a possible image of the theoretical conception of noise - a balance of chaos! And yet: the initial chaos united at the end in both the sonic and spatial worlds. The immersive experience was further supported by the design and lighting of the exhibition space. The sound installation created in collaboration with the Sound Studies Department at Leuphana University. The afterparty starts at 8 pm with Ibizer, Hazel & toğrul *live. As a sound collective we always try out new concepts between art, concert and club culture.

The evening was rounded off by an afterparty at which Ibizer, Hazel the Nut and toğrul wowed the audience with Dj sets and live electronic music.

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