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What? In the vibrational network, creative artists and cultural workers find a platform and a resonance channel to try out and implement their ideas. Professional as well as amateur musicians, artists and other cultural operators can live out their joy of experimentation. The focus is on tolerance, freedom from barriers and inclusion in order to create a benevolent and fun working atmosphere.

For whom? In principle, the vibrational network is open to everyone: Anyone can participate in the projects, be a recipient of the events or follow the work of the network online. However, we also have a clear-cut self-image: any form of intolerance, such as racism, sexism or homophobia etc. will not be tolerated. The network is supposed to be a stage for everyone, but not to spread hate. Everything else remains open, there is no clear target group and no genres: we want to connect everyone who gets involved with us.

How? The work in the vibrational network should always be project-oriented. Everybody who wants to can let his ideas flow into these works. However, the principle of distribution of work and sovereignty applies. This means that there are experts for each task area who have an overview of it and have the last word in case of disagreements. Nevertheless, an overlapping of the distribution of work is possible. The vibrational network is a curated network. This means that we are open to everything, but when publishing project results we try to present results that everyone is happy with. Project partners and other collaborators should also be treated reliably.

Why? We want to create a new, original and safe place where diverse people can combine their passion and expertise to create new impulses and projects. In this way, we want to create a free network of cultural workers for cultural workers, which offers artists opportunities and security to work on projects sustainably and in the long term.

When and where? The vibrational network has its roots in Hamburg, where most of the collective's projects are realized. In the long term, we want to find a permanent location for the network there. In the future it should also be possible to realize projects outside of Hamburg. For this purpose all projects will be published online via the common platforms as well as the official website. There is no final goal and no time limit, the vn exists as long as it is needed.

We want to: Work considerate, binding, reliable, reflective, regular, focused, sustainable, professional and original while being willing to compromise and without losing the fun of the thing. And communicate with each other in a non-violent, respectful, understanding, encouraging, open and fair manner.

Our initial goals: We want a permanent place in the cultural sector, we want respect and trust of other cultural creators and possible funders and sponsors. We want to become financially independent and pay everyone fairly. We want to find a place where we can work together. We want to become professional and official. We want to meet regularly and improve our cooperation. We want to stay true to ourselves and still be open to new things. - A new, original and safe space for diverse people in the cultural sector to network and to realize long-term projects together on an ongoing basis.

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